Personal SAG RAIN is a fully supported ride. You do not need a personal SAG!

RAIN refers to a personal SAG vehicle as a PSV (personal support vehicle). You do not need a PSV to complete RAIN.  If you must use a PSV, please have your driver read and follow posted instructions.  A detailed PSV Map and Guide will be posted here by July 1.

The PSV route is designed to keep drivers off of the riders’ route. Using different roads, PSVs can safely “leapfrog” riders with plenty of time to meet up at designated rest stops. The PSV guide is available here.

The general rule is, don’t drive on the bike riders’ route!
US-40 between US-231 and Plainfield and US-40 east of Greenfield are the ONLY portions of the route that PSV drivers can share with cyclists!

For the safety of riders and to ensure RAIN will be invited back to the host communities we travel through, please note:

• Follow the PSV route, not the riders’ route

• Obey all directions from local law enforcement and traffic control

• Follow signage approaching rest stops to park in designated areas only

• Never park in the median on US-40 or elsewhere. You will be ticketed.

• At rest stops, park far, far away from bike entrances and exits

• No motor pacing or rider hand ups from PSVs